I am the everything-do-er  in my studio, Water Willow Design. I started my art life at California Institute of the Arts studying Graphic Design but lots of time has passed since then, I've done lots of things since then.

I've studied and/or self-taught photography, screen printing, book binding, soapmaking, sewing, some jewelry making, stained and fused glass skills, etc., some are completely in the past and haven't been touching for a long time but many of those skills are still practiced in my daily life. And you know what? Being me, a naturally curious person, I'm learning something new all the time. Well, a bit all over the place, I have to admit, but nothing wrong with having fun, right?!

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, came to Canada... was it 1999 or 2000? I think it was 1999, I've been a professional craft person all these years. Handmade is all I do, handmade is all I care about.