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Simple yet cheerful, handmade and original design with quality natural materials.



Canvas with vintage-wash treatment, this is not your average canvas, it's soft but durable, and 100% cotton. Known for its quality, this made in Japan fabric has a friendly character but it is upgraded by thin leather handles.



Wether you are a knitter or not, he might steal your heart. He is the sheep!  Made with 100% Merino Wool Felt, these knitting baskets and accessories are must have!



This felt is made only 100% pure natural Merino wool, natural soap and warm water, all felt-making process is done in Western Europe. It is a non-toxic, sustainable material and the dye used is non-toxic. It meets the high European standards of the UNE-EN 71-2, UNE-EN 71-3 and Oko-Tex 100, and safe for kids and babies. The image was applied by screen print with lead free water base ink.

作品作りに使用されているフェルトは100%ピュアメリノウール、ナチュラルソープとお湯だけで作られており、サステイナブルでエコフレンドリーな素材です。オランダの会社の自社製品で、全ての行程は西ヨーロッパで行われており、私が個人的に輸入していますので、日本ではあまり目にしない質の高い素材です。ノン・トクシックの染料で染めてあり、ヨーロッパの厳しい安全基準のUNE-EN 71-2、UNE-EN 71-3とOko-Tex 100を満たしており、子供や赤ちゃんにも安全です。